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Ceramic Coating

We offer ceramic coating to protect the paint on your vehicle. Ceramic coating is a product that provides environmental protection, thus, making the vehicle easier to care for.

Ceramic coating is a cross linking polymer, that is applied by hand to your vehicle. This coating bonds chemically to the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection.

Ceramic coating creates a clear hydrophobic layer that;

  • eases cleaning 

  • enhances shine

  • protects from UV damage

  • protects from corrosion

  • protects from oxidation

  • protects from chemical stains

  • protects from etching

  Ceramic coating will not;

  • eliminate (all) possible scratches*

  • eliminate potential rock chips

  • eliminate danger of swirl marks

Regardless of any type of wax or ceramic coating, your vehicle still needs to be tended to with care when self washing. Ceramic coating may help reduce risk of small surface scratches, however, drive through car washes, improper washing, etc... increases the risk of scratching and swirl marks.


It will not prevent rock chips, door dings, etc.

Please call for pricing and more information on how Ceramic Coating may help your vehicle.


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